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Win Cash With The Suffolk Sound

Need a helping hand with your bills?

Perhaps you'd simply like to to treat yourself, guilt free? Here's your chance!

If you can correctly guess our mystery Suffolk Sound, we'll be transferring the jackpot into your bank account.

You'll need to listen out on air throughout the day to hear the sound and competition entry lines open at 7:25am on Breakfast with Dom.

The jackpot grows by £10 each day that nobody guesses the sound correctly. We'll leave all the wrong guesses below to make things a little easier for you! 

  • Current Jackpot: £380


    Wrong Guesses:


    1. The straw slurping noise at the end of a drink. 
    2. The pins falling over after being struck by a bowling ball. 
    3. Ice being scooped from a bucket.
    4. The machine in a bowling alley that recycles the balls and sends them back around again.
    5. Golf balls dropping out of a machine into a bucket at a driving range.
    6. Coins being dropped into a (blue) bucket.
    7. Ice being put into a cup at a fast food restaurant.
    8. The sound of a combine harvester machine working in a Suffolk field.
    9. The power being pulled out of a Henry Hoover.
    10. The sound of the balls being released (after you've put your coin in) on a pub pool table.
    11. An old lawnmower being pushed along.
    12. The sound of stones/shingle being dropped off a plastic spade into a plastic bucket on the beach in Felixstowe.
    13. Paul and son at Tescos in Stowmarket filling a Pick ‘N Mix box.
    14. The sound of a child's roundabout ride spinning in an indoor child's play centre.
    15. Someone pulling the chord to start a petrol lawnmower.
    16. The bucket of a digger emptying rubble. 
    17. A clay pigeon trap being set off.
    18. A skateboard being rolled on the ramps at Ipswich Skate Park. 
    19. A flock of pigeons taking off. 
    20. Someone in a fast food restaurant sucking the last drops of their milkshake through a straw.
    21. A wood chipping machine.
    22. A blender at Shakeaway when the sweets are added to the milkshake.
    23. Golf balls falling into a bucket (which is a repeated answer)
    24. Someone jumping into a ball pit at an indoor play centre.
    25. The spring on a zipwire (sounds familiar!)
    26. The sound of bingo balls being dropped into an (old style) bingo machine, before the game starts.
    27. A white line machine at Portman Road.
    28. A Yamaha motorcycle engine revving up.
    29. The marbles dropping in a game of kerplunk!
    30. Old fashioned sewing machine.
    31. The wheel being spun on Wheel Of Fortune.
    32. The engine being started on a diesel locomotive.
    33. A carpet sweeper.
    34. A roller coaster moving up the track.
    35. The sound of a Singer sewing machine in operation.
    36. A roller skate wheel spinning.
    37. A battery operated card shuffling machine.
    38. Golf balls falling into a bucket (for the third time!) 
    39. The sound of an animal feed dispenser at Jimmy's Farm.
    40. A chainsaw starting up.
    41. The sound of the bolts on a roof ladder rack being spun (to tighten them up).
    42. Blades on a rotary mower. 
    43. The sound of a cash counting machine counting out notes in a bank.
    44. The sound of a propeller turning on an aircraft.
    45. The sound of a shovel being dragged over gravel on a driveway.
    46. The sound of a lawnmower starting up (again... Peter didn't check the wrong guesses list!)
    47. A wooden farm gate being opened, with the frame being dragged along the floor (at Jimmy's Farm).
    48. The bottle bank at Majors Corner being emptied.
    49. The sound of something being thrown down a rubbish chute on a building site (like on a new build house).
    50. The sound of a model train at the Ipswich Model Railway Association.
    51. The sound of the water splashing down on the ground from the fountain on the Cornhill in Ipswich.
    52. The sound of someone emptying their recycling into a blue bin.
    53. The sound of a chair (like you find outside a coffee shop) being dragged along the floor.
    54. A jigsaw blade.
    55. The sound of Paul Morris's garage door opening or closing.
    56. The sound of someone shovelling coal.
    57. A salad spinner.
    58. Rollerdex!
    59. The sound of an ice skate (on ice!)
    60. Hose reel.

As with all Ipswich 102 competitions our standard terms and conditions apply, find them here.

The Suffolk Sound on Ipswich 102, with The Hearing Care Centre: Award winning hearing care and earwax removal across Suffolk.

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